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Luc P Gearon


Hello, I'm Luc P. Gearon, an aspiring teenage author and avid sci-fi enthusiast. Back in late 2017, I began formulating the plot to a science fiction novel known as "Welcome to the 28th Century". In 2018, I started writing, and now, in 2023, I've journeyed on to the difficult task of querying a 150k-word philosophical cyberpunk novel by the name of Ceanothus 2722. 


Below is any relevant news to Ceanothus 2722 and related material I've worked on in tandem. Be sure to follow me on social media to show your support and to stay up to date on everything, and email me if you have any questions. Thank you for visiting!

(All art done by Luc P. Gearon)



Given there is now more than one entry in the Ceanothus 2722 continuity, here is the appropriate chronology and recommended reading order for each entry:

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Atop Stryker

The Unpredictable

Ceanothus 2722

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Available on Webtoons

Work in Progress




Welcome to the 28th century: a mishmashed world of human progression and degeneration, where flying cars and interstellar travel are easier to come by than a flat screen TV. Christianity has evolved into a ruthless corporate empire in which the wealthy are seen as deities and the government as a traffic cone on train tracks. In Stalo City, Ian Corchel is about to be fired from his job as a government agent for the transgression of being a closeted homosexual—and, to clarify, that means fired at. Through an intense confrontation, Ian is rescued by one of the terrorists he was meant to apprehend, a burly cyborg named Krymson, who believes he can tarnish the entire religious empire’s integrity with what seems to be undeniable evidence of alien life. And he must be right, because why else would the religious leaders send two cybernetic demons and a whole army to chase a couple of incompetent frenemies across the galaxy?

— — —

Ceanothus 2722, a 150k word NA cyberpunk novel, has been five years in the making, taking up most of my time for the entirety of my high school career. After numerous edits, rewrites, and drafts, it's finally reached the literary agent querying phase in hopes to land it in a publishing company's hands. Querying such an ambitious project as my first novel has been a challenge, but I have no plans on giving up any time soon. I am currently balancing time working on this novel with studying for a film degree at VCU.

Currently Querying


Atop Stryker Plaza Cover.jpg

After decades of fighting back against the Predecessor religion’s intrusive surveillance, the interstellar “Viral” movement is on the cusp of extinction due to a string of covert counterattacks from the religious military. The last living general of the movement, Cygnus Casavant, is faced with an opportunity that could finally tilt the scales of the war for freedom in aversion to the Predecessors—or send the final remnants of the Viral movement on a wild goose chase that gets them all killed. It’s up to him to decide if he should do what’s best for the people he cares about, or what’s best for the greater good.

— — —

Set prior to the events of Ceanothus 2722 and the "Unpredictable Variable" comic, Atop Stryker Plaza serves as an atmospheric entry into the world of the 28th century and an emotional introduction to the stakes of Ceanothus 2722.

On IOS and Apple, epub files can be immediately opened in the Books app after download. On Android and Windows, a third party app must be installed to read, but there are plenty of free options.

Atop Stryker Plaza

Webtoons Comic

The first draft of Ceanothus 2722 included a prologue, explaining the death of a background character and introducing a handful of antagonists. 

Cut from the novel, several early draft readers were sad to see it go, so it was translated into a separate comic rather than being kept as the novel's prologue. 


(It is recommended that you read Atop Stryker Plaza first to better understand the circumstances of the comic)



Luc was born in Australia, spent his formative years in Chicago and is now living in Virginia with his family. 


Luc began his writing career at age 7 after being inspired by R. L. Stine's Goosebumps series. 

Ceanothus 2722 is Luc's first novel and the first book in a planned trilogy. 

With musings in middle school, and earnest writing beginning in grade 9, Luc aims to have his first book on the way to getting published before the end of college. 

Luc is a consummate creative who loves creating worlds through writing, illustration, and film making. 

(Written by Anne Gearon)


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Ceanothus 2722
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